Printable Pocket Survival Guide / Cheat Sheet

Limitless Equipment | Survival Guide for download and printout

Printable Pocket Survival Guide / Cheat Sheet

We put this simple guide together for anyone to download and keep in their wallet, survival kit or car. It covers the absolute basics and is a GUIDE - not instruction - on key areas for survival.

You cant learn to swim just by reading about it: You must practice!

Just as you can’t learn a physical skill like swimming by reading about you, you will need to practise skills that you learn about. Without taking the time to practice skills you are simply not going to be prepared if you ever need to do it in actuality.

Practise skills with your family, teach your kids the skills and have fun outdoors doing it. Try to make a fire in different conditions, learn how to build a shelter from different materials, get creative and have fun developing these basic skills.

Everyone should learn and practise the following until they are proficient at :

  1. How to build a shelter
  2. How to make a fire using tinder
  3. How to collect and purify water
  4. How to tie a figure 8, clove hitch and bowline knot

So get out there, have fun and practice, practice, practice!

Download the file

The guide is sized to print on both sides of a sheet of A4 paper.