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Growing up antifragile: Dragon slaying for beginners

Growing up antifragile: Dragon slaying for beginners

We have a culture that encourages massive stacking of risk for youngsters, under the guise of protecting them and keeping them safe. By doing this we simply make them fragile and brittle. They are unable to cope outside the thin walls of the zoo we live in. We tell ourselves that the walls will always be there, but every adult knows in thier guts that we are closer to chaos then we let on. Things fall apart.
Oasis water tablets are now available online in the UK

Oasis water tablets are now available online in the UK

We are now offering the British Army issue Oasis water purification tablets for sale at really great prices here. Available in lots of 10, 20 and 1...
Prototype Update: SuperTarp

Prototype Update: SuperTarp

We have a couple of new products being prototyped, the Individual First Aid Kit and the SuperTarp: Our Pentagon shape based Tarp Tent system.... It...

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The Mark 1 Pro Survival Kit


As a former survival instructor I found the Mark 1 to be good quality and well thought out. Great selection of items for a small kit.

Keith Grier - Verteran Survival Instructor

Quality kit at a great price. Don't get caught in a mess without it! I fly airplanes as a flight instructor and now carry this kit in my flight bag, should I ever have the misfortune of going down in a crash. The quality contents give me the assurance that I will have what I need.

Roy Rogers - Pilot

Fast Delivery And Well Packaged, Great Compact Wee Kit With Plenty Of Useful Gear, Can't Have Enough Of These Kits Very Handy To Carry In Your Kit Bag, This Is One Of The Best I Have Purchased So Far. Highly Recommended

A. Brown