Prototype Update: SuperTarp

Prototype Update: SuperTarp

We have a couple of new products being prototyped, the Individual First Aid Kit and the SuperTarp: Our Pentagon shape based Tarp Tent system.... It's going to be awesome. Really.

PENTAGONAL TARP - Practical and multi purpose

We have taken the Mountain Laurel Designs idea of a pentagonal tarp and added various bits and bobs normally found in custom builds with multi-week waiting times. The final fabric is still being decided upon (we have to source exactly the right fabric.... Not quite as easy as you would think) but for the inital prototypes we are using a cheaper silnylon to check quality control, stitching integrity and - importantly see if our manufacturers can cut a catenary curve on each of the sections properly, manage all the flat felled seams and get all the details sorted ... You can check out the general idea of what we are doing in the images (just to whet the appetite).

INNERS / TARP NESTS - Solo and Duo versions

The only color will be brown / tan, and we are doing 2 inners - one solo inner, and one for a couple. The inners will come a month or so after the outer is available on the market. The outer can, of course, be used independently for ultra light weight hiking and camping, through hiking and so on.

Using a tarp / tent system is so much better than a tent. Why go into the great outdoors and lock yourself into a little nylon prison? The SuperTarp is going to make peoples outdoor experiences so much better.

I'll update be updating as we go through the project ;-)



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