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Limitless Equipment ToughBox Water Proof Survival Kit

Limitless Equipment

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    NOTE: This product is not currently available in the USA.

    * > 40 items for every conceivable situation
    * Used by professionals to teach core survival skills
    * Watertight, dustproof, crushproof polycarbonate container, IPV6 rated
    * Made with pride in Oxford, UK.

    Customers have been asking us to put the ToughBox and Mark 1 Survival Kit together for some time, so we decided to get it done and it available as a premium Survival Kit. If you like overbuilt gear, then this kit is for you.

    The contents of the kit are well proven over the last 2 years of great feedback from customers, including many outdoors professionals. Our kits are used by survival training schools in the UK and USA to teach skills and offer a genuine opportunity to learn new ways of using familiar objects and develop core skills for survival and preparedness.

    Putting the Mark 1 into the ToughBox makes for an incredibly sturdy kit. Its not going to get wet or crushed. Yes, it is heavier than the original metal container, but it is incredibly strong and will literally last a lifetime of abuse.


    • Premium Polycarbonate ToughBox container
    • X 1 Emergency Whistle and fire striker
    • X 1 Water resistant red LED: Save your night vision
    • X 2 Mini Light sticks: 8 hours emergency light
    • X 1 Liquid Filled compass
    • X 2m reflective TACTI-GLOW Paracord: 7 strand. 550lb
    • X 1 Wire steel saw: cutting wood
    • X1 Sheet waterproof paper
    • X1 Pencil
    • 1m copper snare wire. 0.8mm diameter
    • X1 Sewing kit: Needles, thread, buttons, threader
    • X 2 paperclips
    • X 2 Ranger bands. X 1 large. X 1 small
    • X 1 Water carrier
    • X Water filter kit
    • Tinder extender in vial: Add to tinder for extended flame life in windy conditions.
    • First Aid kit: Prep instruments, Gauze pads (8x6), cleaning, wound dressing, tinder etc.
    • Fishing Kit: hook ready tied to nylon. Size #10. Foam winder, 8m 6 lb fishing line & fishing lures
    • X 1 Tampon: Tinder. Wound dressing. Etc.
    • X 1 30 cm square tin foil: Cooking. Signalling. Etc