We are working on our StormPads and TacFolder - samples are completed... The StormPads are pretty awesome - we are going to change the color to Royal Airforce grey - its more multi-purpose than having outdoor green - the paper itself is fantastic, really waterproof, wonderful to write on with gridlines for scaling maps.

The TacFolder is pretty darned hardcore - 1080 waterproofed ballistic nylon, YKK aquaguard waterproof zipper, velcro patch on the front, pen slots, adjustable phone holder in the back. we will make a few more tweaks to the design before we get ready to roll these out in the coming 4 weeks.

Let us know your ideas - if its good, we will add it to the design ;-)

tacfolder innertacfolder outerstormpad frontstormpad backstormpad paperRAF Grey color



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